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Have you done body detoxification earlier? If so, you will surely know that it is very important to have all the toxins and wastes removed from the body to maintain your health and energy. To do this, there are many methods and formulas that you will get in the market or stores. One of the best home detox ingredients is garlic and the benefits that you get are plenty.

Before you start consuming garlic, you must know the basic qualities and how it helps in body detoxification. When you use garlic, you would have noticed the pungent smell which is due to the sulfur content in garlic and it is said to have the best healing effect on various parts of the body. It is said to act as anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent on the body and as a result bacteria and viruses will not be able to grow in the body.

When bacteria and viruses do not grow, the accumulation of toxins is prevented and so you will gain health and energy. Garlic also reduces blood pressure as it reduces the thickness of the blood to the required amount and cleanses the blood. Relaxation of arteries, increase in blood flow, and reduction of blood clots can be achieved by consuming garlic. Enzymes in the liver which help in cleaning the body free of all toxins are activated by garlic. It also protects the liver and heart by destroying all the germs that cause accumulation of toxins in the body. Garlic works in two ways on our body detoxification – one by supporting the liver enzymes and other factors such as bio-active selenium and sulfur compounds required for flushing the toxin and the other means by possessing anti-microbial characteristics.

Garlic is also found to contain germanium which is a special compound for taking oxygen to the main blood stream and in preventing any toxins getting accumulated. It helps the body in removing the mucus, and so garlic is considered a very good body detoxification food ingredient. It kills all the harmful bacteria and helps the good ones to flourish. The parasites found in the gastrointestinal tract are killed and so accumulation of toxin is prevented.

How to use garlic?

When you start using garlic for body detoxification, you must remember to use it regularly. Raw garlic may not be beneficial. It should be sliced to make the allicin enzymes active. You can keep the chopped garlic for some time prior to adding it to your food and you can use it along with vegetables, and in soups or pasta. You can also take garlic in the form of oil or powder to get the maximum body detoxification effect. You can also consume garlic supplements available in stores. Using garlic once a day will be sufficient and to have more effect, you can take two to three times also. Freeze drying the garlic helps in preserving the efficiency.

Garlic is being used by millions of people all over the world. It has been proved to be a very powerful body detoxification agent by flushing all the toxins out. Immune system gets a good boost and so your chances of falling sick are reduced. It also helps in lowering cholesterol levels and prevents blood clots.